Wine & Tapas

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A new post after a long break…time really does fly when you’re having fun! Spanish wine tasting…

The wine tasting on the 7th of November was dedicated to Spain, and we had the pleasure of having Guillermo Sanchez with us, along with some of the lovely food that he imports directly from various Spanish regions, more on this further on…

On this occasion we changed the order of the tasting, so there was no sparkling wine to begin with. We decided that the lovely Cava Gran Bach chosen for the event would have been perfect to accompany the tapas, half way through and before the red wines, which worked perfectly.

Tasting Part 1

We started the whites with the Esteban Martin Blanco, a stylish easy drinking wine from the Cariñena region, not too far from Barcelona, followed by the Albariño Terras de Lantaño, a medium bodied white with an alluring aromatic nose and a complex structure. Behind the freshness, minerality and great viscosity of the Albariño, lies the Atlantic Ocean’s weather.

A further offering was the stunning 6Cepas6 Blanco, a white Rioja that perfectly combines its freshness and fruitiness with the rich and spicy oak, making it the perfect partner to any full flavoured seafood.

When the bottles were uncovered (once again, the tasting was blind!) it was great to see genuine surprise in our guests, and especially in our Spanish guest Guillermo, who was clearly impressed by the quality of the wines.

Tasting Part 2

The 4 reds started off similarly with an entry level Syrah, again made by Esteban Martin, fruity and flavoursome and (far too) easy drinking…

The 6Cepas6 Tinto was just as easy to drink, (this is one of those wines that seems to be in a great hurry to be poured out of its bottle!) although of a higher stature, elegance and character: ripe blackberry fruit developing in a warm clean palate.

We also served two wines from Ribera del Duero, the intense, silky and spicy Roble, and the Reserva 2009, a beautiful combination of cocoa, eucalyptus and minty aromas in a smooth long finish. This last wine is the well deserved Gold Medal winner of the Robert Parker Award.

The Nibbles…

This time they were a (nearly) totally Spanish experience: we had Tapas! Guillermo had brought in a freshly made and fabulous onion and potatoes tortilla, it tasted wonderful and didn’t last very long! The Manchego cheese expertly sliced, and two different types of Chorizos filled another platter, plus one more was filled with toasted, freshly buttered bread with Yellowfin Tuna loin topping, sprinkled with pepper.

All these delicacies, and more, can be found on the Spanish Hamper website.

Juliusz’s egg plant recipe!

On this occasion Juliusz had volunteered to produce one (there are many!) of his super tasty signature dishes: a kind of ratatouille made with aubergines, crushed garlic, a little chilli and chopped mushrooms cooked in tomatoes, recipe will follow. It was served at room temperature on toasted slices of bread.

Not quite Spanish but totally Mediterranean and I must add that Guillermo Sanchez (by the way, Muchas gracias, Guillermo!) approved…