Vegan Sobrasada – just the best!

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Vegan sobrasada ingredients

I found this super tasty recipe last year when planning food for our Spanish wines tasting.  I was looking for meat-free appetizers and this inspired version of a Spanish classic was just perfect!

I would suggest you visit the original page of  Six Hungry Feet where you will find the ingredients and method for this recipe very clearly set out.

I used the ingredients shown in my photo: cashew nuts, pine nuts, roasted and peeled peppers, fresh garlic, good quality olive oil and sundried tomatoes.  I could only find the ones preserved in oil, so I lightly rinsed and dried them to keep the mix creamy and not too soft .

The ingredient that will make it taste like “real” Sobrasada is the paprika made with dried smoked pepper, smoky, spicy and intense! The one I used, Las Hermanas – Pimenton de la Vera,  comes from our local, small independent  Spanish Hamper,   

The crostini with Vegan Sobrasada where incredibly well received by our wine tastings guests, certainly not all vegetarians!

Crostini with Vegan Sobrasada along with the Ribera del Duero and the MV Vino de Pago were a match made in heaven!

I would love to know how you get on with this easy, tasty and healthy recipe! 


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