Valpolicella Ripasso Classico La Cengia


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Black Cherry, Intense, Long Finish, Medium-Bodied, Smoky aroma


Az Agricola Begali Lorenzo


DOC Classico Superiore






Corvina, Rondinella


Italy, Veneto



Wine Production


Valpolicella Ripasso La Cengia: Intense aromas on the nose.  Lots of black cherry flavour, not too raisin like, just balanced and elegant.  Savoury, with refreshing bite; and a long satisfying finish.  Serve at 18C.

Pairing: It is a medium bodied wine and for this reason, pairing it with something super light such as fish, simple white meat or salad would be a mistake. It is very good with red meat, especially grilled or braised, since its good acidity balances perfectly its sweetish flavours. Homemade pasta with ragù or a mushrooms risotto are great options as, of course, is aged cheese.

Valpolicella Ripasso La Cengia is made in the ripasso style:  the wine is left on the skins of the desiccated grapes used after the production of Amarone for about 10-12 days to promote a second fermentation, enhancing texture, depth and alcohol.

Ripasso preserves the freshness of Valpolicella and adds a bit of structure and flavours from the Amarone skins. The result is an extraordinary wine, which can be paired in a thousand ways.

The wine's name La Cengia comes from the area in Valpolicella where the grapes are grown.

Begali Lorenzo

We have worked with the lovely Begali family for a very long time. Lorenzo and Adriana, followed on from Lorenzo’s father who began making wine after the second world war.  They started selling their first bottles in 1986, and have since involved their son Giordano and daughter Tiliana.  They produce their wines on an estate of 12 hectares between Lake Garda and Verona, in the classic area for Valpolicella. This family run winery in the small borgo of Cengia, is nonetheless a top Valpolicella estate, having won plenty of Tre Bicchieri awards in the famous Gambero Rosso guide, Slow Food and Wine Spectator.

Begali are also part of the consorzio of historic Amarone families, an association founded in 2009, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of this famed style, whereby the wine is made from selected bunches of grapes dried in the autumn on straw to concentrate the sugars and dry extract. As such it’s high in alcohol but not fortified.


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