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Fruity, Full-Bodied, Smooth, Soft Tannins


Teroldego Rotaliano




Italy, Trentino









Deep ruby red, fruity with a scent of mulberry and raspberry, full bodied and persistent with smooth tannins and a pleasant freshness.

The Teroldego is a native grape from the Piana Rotaliana, more specifically the land at the corner going from the Rocchetta Val di Non mouth to the Adige river, on what used to be the old bed of the Noce mountain stream, which was diverted to the south in 1854.

This gives the Piana Rotaliana the special features of a hilly terrain: below a thin layer of soil, we find several meters, of gravel, sand and pebbles brought down to the valley by the waters of the Noce stream when there were no banks to contain it.


The winery is situated in the historical centre of Mezzocorona, right in the heart of the town, between Piazza della Chiesa (Franz Joseph Platz) and Piazza San Gottardo, in a typically rural setting.

Initially, the cellar was located in Piazza della Chiesa, but in 1906 it was moved to via Dante 5, where it is still situated today, a few tens of meters from the former premises.

The buildings date back to three different periods in history. The main block was constructed at the end of 1800, another part in 1906 and the last extension dates back to 1955. 1998 saw the restructuring of the existing winery on the ground floor.

The Dorigati brothers’ vineyards are located in Piana Rotaliana, a cone with fine soil features, ideal for viticulture. Over the centuries, the floods of the small river Noce created parcels of land which contained a good quantity of slime, -rich in minerals- , and an excellent power of drainage, thanks to the presence of cobblestones.  Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, the principal autochthonous vineyard of Trentino, is found in this strip of land. The ideal climatic conditions together with expert viticulture,and the use of the pergola of Trentino, permit  the ageing of high-quality grapes and the production of excellent red wines.

“We firmly believe that the best innovation is the valorisation of the products’ identity respecting the tradition.  We think that the care and the attention to the land are essential because the quality of a single wine originates from the vineyard, respecting the natural time. We strive for the equilibrium between plants and land, wine and man. Wine is the result of a unique synergy between the wine grower and the environment. Every wine is a different path, a story, an evolution, which makes it unique. For over 150 years, making wine means this for us”

The cellar is on three floors, the ground floor adjacent to the inner courtyard and two floors beneath ground level. The premises of the ground floor, thanks to the thick stone walls, have a temperature conducive to preservation of the wine without the use of air conditioners, except for the old barn, where the walls are thinner. The two underground floors also create ideal conditions for the storage of wine, with an almost constant humidity and temperature throughout the year.


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  1. Judith

    We prefer a wine with ABV around 12% but often search for flavour and body – not so with Teroldego Rotaliano DOC. Mellow and fruity with a significant flavour and “feel”. Strongly recommended if you like a lighter wine that you can really taste and enjoy.

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