Silvestre Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé


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Citrus Aromas, Long Finish, Strawberries Cranberries Aromas, Very fresh


Cabernet Sauvignon


Viña Ochagavia


Chile, Rapel Valley


D.O. Valle del Rapel







This Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé has a vibrant pink color of medium intensity. Its complex aromas of citrus fruit are in perfect harmony with the intense notes of strawberries and cranberries. Very fresh on the palate, with light sweetness and great persistence.

Perfect as an aperitif or with grilled white meats.

Serve at 10° C.

"Silvestre" refers to the first name of the visionary who sowed the first Bordeaux varieties in Chilean soils. A politician, an entrepreneur, a free spirit. But most of all a lover of nature and the Chilean fields.

This special Rosé is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Grown in the Rapel valley, the vines receive the climatic influence of the Pacific Ocean and the various rivers that cross the valley. This unique combination of factors produces grapes of exceptional quality that are used to craft an equally exceptional wine. The valley soil has a rocky loam texture that makes it particularly suitable for viticulture. The canopy is lightly thinned, leaving clusters exposed to the morning sun only. This allows obtaining 10 tons per hectare of perfectly ripe grapes with an optimal balance between fruitiness and acidity.

The must is fermented in stainless steel tanks at 10-12° C with select yeasts for a period of 15 days. Pre-fermentation maceration is closely monitored and lasts only 48 hours at a temperature of 8-10° C. Once the desired color has been obtained, the skins are removed from the must. No malolactic fermentation is conducted and the wine is bottled while still young to preserve its freshness and fruitiness.

Viña Ochagavia

It all began in 1851 when a young Silvestre Ochagavia started a revolution in national winemaking by planting the first French varieties in Santiago. With more than 165 years of existence and pioneers of chilean viticulture, Viña Ochagavia creates disctintive and passionate wines for the world to enjoy.

Viña Ochagavia offers Bordeaux legacy wines with grapes harvested from the best valleys of Chile. Their wines stand out for their character, elegance and passion, attributes that give tribute to our founder and father of Chilean viticulture: Mr. Silvestre Ochagavia.


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