Rosé Rubicone IGT EGot

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Rosé Rubicone EGot : NEW VINTAGE – NEW LOOK!

A Rosé that has lots of direct strawberry fruit, a rounded, harmonic taste with clean dry finish, not hints of unpleasant sweetness, it is a proper wine for proper drinking.

Food Match: Ideal for starters, rice and pasta dishes and fish, and BBQ!

Rosé Rubicone IGT EGot:

Egot is the name in Romagna dialect for the typical earthenware mug, used to drink wine. It contains the unit of measurement par excellence for the tasting of a good wine; generous enough to allow passage of the aromas, but not too spacious, leaving the taster with the desire to drink right down to the last sip.

"E Got. As a range these wines reflect the no nonsense attitude to wine found in Emilia Romagna. Yes it is important but it's the food that they are after, the wine it aids the journey, makes the heart sing with the easy fruity accessibility of the whole thing..."


The cooperative, Cevico was founded in 1963  in order to produce high-quality wines.   The 5000 member families play an active part in production, from harvesting the grapes to vinification in our bottling facilities at Lugo di Romagna, Forlì and Reggio Emilia, and they are also involved in the strategic decisions regarding the promotion of our brand. That’s because they all own Terre Cevico, and their goal is to continue growing, together with their wines.

The 5000 families of vine-growers, cultivate 7000 hectares of vineyards, and  have 20 wineries.

They grow indigenous varieties, in an area where vines have made their home for over two thousand years: a wide basin, which stretches from Rimini to Casola Valsenio, passing through the territories of Cesena, Forlì and Faenza, as far as the sandy soils of the Park of the Po Delta in the north-east, and including the fertile Ravenna plain in the centre.

“This area yields distinctive wines, which are an integral part of us and reflect our character. Wines that are our ambassadors all over the world.”


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Rosé Rubicone EGot:lots of direct strawberry fruit, a rounded, harmonic taste with clean dry finish, no unpleasant sweetness a proper wine for proper drinking.