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Bodegas Y Vinedos Monteabellon


Spain, Burgos


Ribera del Duero DO







Wine Production


Ribera del Duero ACappela is a dark ruby wine with an attractive nose of spice box, blueberry, blackberry.

Excellent red wine from the north side of Spain. Elegant and smooth red wine with a high acidity combined with a fruitiness in the aftertaste. Dark red of color with a high intensity. Aromas of oak and cedar. Flavors of cherry, tobacco, chocolate and smoke.

Very fruity tannins, well structured and balanced with long finish.

Ribera del Duero ACappela is a fresh fruity wine made with grapes from young vineyards (6-10 years ols) in an area close to the Duero River. Maceration for 10 days. Service temperature 14-16 C - Ribera del Duero is located in the upper Duero river comprising 60 municipalities from the provinces of Valladolid, Burgos, Soria and Segovia. For over 2.500 years, wine and Ribera del Duero have been inseparable.

Roman inhabitants as Vacceos and Arevacos cultivated vines. The climate of the region is clearly Continental with a light Atlantic influence, cold winters and hot summers. The vineyards are located on gravel stone, not too fertile soil,  with high contents of limestone, a situation which gives an excellent fruit to produce high quality wines.

Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellon

For several generations the García family has been fully dedicated to viticulture. Taking advantage of the experience accumulated over decades and their winemaking know-how, Bodegas Monteabellón a family winery located in the small town of Nava de Roa was founded in 2002.
NAVA DE ROA still retains a multitude of stone-presses and cellars where its people made and preserved wine in the past. As in the rest of the RIBERA DEL DUERO, its history and traditions are closely related to wine.

All the grapes used to make our Ribera wines come from our own vineyards.
Currently Bodegas y Viñedos Monteabellón has 130 HECTARES OF VINEYARDS distributed in different plots located in the municipality of Nava de Roa. The different altitudes and diversity of the soils in our vineyards are a reflection of the quality of our wines.

The facilities of Bodegas Monteabellón have been growing at the same pace as everyone who makes up the winery, adapting to the wine’s needs and the market demands for our product. All this without ever forgetting our origins and surrounded by QUALIFIED PERSONNEL helped by THE LATEST TECHNICAL ADVANCES in the sector.

At Bodegas Monteabellón we use the latest winemaking techniques to guarantee meticulous elaboration during the entire process, conserving stable levels of temperature and humidity, just as it was in the old cellars of our ancestors. OPTIMAL FACILITIES to control in detail the aromas and flavours our wines release.



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Ribera del Duero ACappela is a fresh fruity wine made with grapes from young vineyards (6-10 years ols) in an area close to the Duero River