Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Treviso Borgo Molino


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Fine perlage, Fresh, Fruity, Structured




Borgo Molino


Italy, Veneto









Prosecco Extra Dry DOC is a sparkling wine made from the exclusive selection of Glera grapes.

Pale straw-yellow colour with fine perlage, delicate and fruity with a floral bouquet, well structured and slightly ‘amabile’… Apricots and peaches in a glass! Serve at 6-8 C.

Food Match: Prosecco Extra Dry DOC is perfect on its own or as an aperitif!

Borgo Molino pride themselves in managing the entire winemaking process, from grape growing to bottling. This level of control is complicated but results in sparkling wines of elegance and finesse, created with great care by expert winemakers. The superb quality of the wine, alongside the exquisitely designed packaging, make Borgo Molino Prosecco the clear choice.

Borgo Molino

From the producer’s website: “Our estate was founded 90 years ago by the Nardini family and the soil has produced fine wines.  The harmony between the land and the local climate has produced both white and red wines of great quality.  Sparkling wines of elegance and finesse complete the picture and express our original vision.

Where there is quality there is team work.  Pietro is responsible for the business side of the company, and Paolo Nardini looks after the technical aspect, they work together, being able to delegate responsibility but also being able to assume it.

This style of management is typical of the Veneto region, but is particularly alive in the agricultural world of Trevigniana.  To give the maximum to your work and to give work to those who will give their best.  The results are a growing trend, year on year.  A professional, stimulating engaging climate.  The magic of an international consensus and a diary full of projects.”


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