Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

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Easy Drinking, Fruity, Off Dry


Pinot Grigio


Cantina dei Feudi


Italy, Veneto









NEW VINTAGE – Pale yellow with greenish tones, on the nose exotic fruit and wild rose.

A clean easy drinking wine.

Wine made with Pinot Grigio grapes, grown in the eastern part of Veneto. The colour is golden yellow, the aroma is soft, flowery and the taste is dry, harmonious, full.

Suitable with hors d’oeuvre, jam, light soups, white meats, fish dishes. To be served at 10-12°C

Cantina dei Feudi

La Cantina dei Feudi S.r.l. was founded 1898 under the name of Cantine Antonio Logoluso for the production and business of the wines from the Region of Puglia in the South of Italy.

In 1992 the company changed its name becoming La Cantina dei Feudi S.r.l. beginning a strategy of innovation and modernization that is still in the process. The range of products offered has been extended including the most important DOC and IGT wines and a wider choices of local ones coming from various Italian Regions all being selected with a particular focus on quality only from trusted winemakers.

The company mainly specializes in the modern organized distribution in Italy and abroad, producing wines under its own label as well as for private-label always with good value-for-money.

The main targets of the company are constant quality, customer loyalty, satisfying the need of a constantly changing and evolving market guaranteeing a wide range of complementary services.

Today the company has all the necessary for refrigeration, stabilization, filtration and sterile bottling plants through microfilters, no pastorization is made.

La Cantina dei Feudi S.r.l. currently uses three bottling plants: one for the glass bottles, one for the P.E.T. bottles and one for the P.E.T. demijohns.

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1 review for Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

  1. Brian Pearson

    You wont be disappointed by this very drinkable wine, Pinot Grigio has become so popular that there’s a lot of pretty rubbishy stuff around in supermarkets’ buy this instead!

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