Peschio Trentasei Lazio IGP Rosso


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Black Fruit, black pepper, Full-Bodied, Intense Aromas, Smooth Tannins


Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot


Donato Giangirolami


Italy, Latium







Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

Dark ruby red, Peschio Trentasei is so called because it is aged 36 (trentasei) months in Oak barriques. Intense nose with black fruits, cassis, black pepper, baking spices, coffee. Balanced acidity, high and smooth tannins, full body, spicy, fruity, very long finish.

It accompanies well game, grilled or stewed meat. It can be appreciated also after dinner.

An harmonious and well structured wine made in the Bordeaux blend style by Giangirolami, with organically cultivated 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Petit Verdot, in Le Ferriere area, Borgo Montello (Latina) along with other red-berry vines. It is also the company’s headquarters.

Donato Giangirolami winery work with cutting-edge technological equipment, which allows them to preserve the wine from external agents and to fully respect its characteristics. The tanks are all stainless steel and have a temperature control exchanger. The stainless steel tanks use the Bosio method or submerged cap, which allows the efficient automation of an ancient technique.

The press is the latest in technology: it gently extracts must and wine (0.7 atm), works vacuum (vacuum system) and with the help of inert gas (nitrogen) the pomace is never in contact with the ‘air. Thanks to the vacuum system the pressing of the marc is done in a soft way and allows to obtain the best must. Nitrogen prevents oxidation and facilitates the operator in compliance with the European organic wine regulations, allowing to drastically reduce the antioxidant substances (sulfur dioxide).

Donato Giangirolami

Donato has taken over the estate founded by his father Dante in 1956 and today his two daughters Laura and Federica are also involved in the family-run business. Bio since 1993 and grown to 80 hectares,  38 of which are cultivated as vineyard and the rest as orchard (kiwi).

The wines are produced in three vineyards, two within Castelli Romani Doc area and one located in Cori Doc area, all registered in the I.G.T. vineyard registry of Lazio. Red grape vines are cultivated in Borgo Montello (Le Ferriere), where the company’s cellar is also located, while almost all white grape vines are cultivated in Doganella di Ninfa, in Cori DOC area.   Should you fancy a trip to the area, a visit to the beautiful and world renowned Garden of Ninfa is an absolute must.

The production capacity per hectare is reduced thanks to the lack of any kind of forcing method.
The cellar is equipped with modern technology. All the tanks are in stainless steel with exchanger to control the temperature, fermenters aso in stainless steel with Bosio or submerged-cap method.
The press gently extracts the must (0.7 atm), it features a vacuum system and with the aid of inert gas (nitrogen), the grape marc is never in contact with air.

Their logo represents a wind pump, which as Laura explained, was part of the landscape as she grew up on the farm.  An affordable and necessary solution to the irrigation need of an area that may reach 37+ degrees centigrade in the summer.


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An harmonious and well structured wine made in the Bordeaux blend style by Giangirolami, with organically cultivated 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Petit Verdot