Pencarrow Sauvignon Blanc


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Crisp, Fragrant, Refreshing, Succulent


Sauvignon Blanc


Palliser Estate Winery


New Zealand, Martinborough









Pale straw colour with youthful green hues. Full bouquet with voluminous aromas of pungent passionfruits, gooseberry and lime, lifted with some fermentation esters.

Dry to taste, flavours of passionfruit, tropical fruits and English gooseberries, a little restrained and tight in expression. Bright and fresh, leading to a dry, minerally finish.

This wine takes its name from the Pencarrow Head in New Zealand's region of Wellington.  It hounours the memory of Mary Jane Bennett, who single handedly raised her 5 children after her husband's death as well as stepping up as Pencarrow Lighthouse Keeper.

For ten long years she braved the elements, making sure ships and crew stayed safe along this remote and rugged coastline. In all this time there must have been many a night when she needed a glass of wine!

Palliser Estate Winery

The history of Palliser Estate winery goes back decades. Palliser’s first grapes were harvested in 1989. Today, the vineyard has spread across 92 hectares that produces predominantly Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling. Since that very first vintage our wines have been winning praise from international wine judges, media and customers. Despite this expansion the core Palliser philosophy remains the same as it was when the first vines went into the ground. It’s about hard work. It’s about employing the best people. And it’s about making sure the vineyard and our business are sustainable.

From the producers website:

“The most important part of any vineyard (besides the people) is the land.”

The Martinborough Terrace, where we grow our grapes, is a small but very special area of land located at the southern end of the North Island. Framed by the Ruamahanga and Huangarua Rivers which helped carve out the Terrace centuries ago. The land is a stony silt loam overlaying varying depths of ancient free draining river gravels. The climate is dry with frosts and strong winds challenging us at every turn but when the harvest comes all the hard work is more than worth it.

We own seven vineyards on the Terrace. Although they are within walking distance of each other they are all produce quite distinctive wine styles reflecting the differences in soils and micro climates. It’s a perfect combination that, for us, creates perfect wines.


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