Passito di Pantelleria


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Apricot, Candied Fruit, Dried Figs, Honey Notes


100% Zibibbo


Cantine Pellegrino 1880


Italy, Sicily









Wine Production


Golden yellow, close to amber wine, the aroma is sweet with notes of apricots, candied fruit and dried figs.

On the palate it is honey flavoured with pleasing notes of dried apricot, dried figs and stewed pears.

Zibibbo grapes grown on head-trained bushes and left to raisin on reed mats under hot August sun on the island of Pantelleria, on a volcanic, sandy and slightly clayey soil.

Altitude up to 300m above sea level.  Harvest is first half of September, soft pressing of the raisins and addition of dried zibibbo grapes.

Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16C, then lowered to 3C.  Ageing in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature for 10 months.

Cantine Pellegrino 1880

The Pellegrino family has always personally overseen the activities in the vineyard and in the winery, and the family is still today, having reached the seventh generation, involved daily in the management of the company. A long family history made up of respect, care, love and dedication, of values handed down from father to son, which today make it one of the greatest families of Sicilian wine.

The Pellegrino vineyards are located in the westernmost part of Sicily, which is characterized by a great variety of microclimates. The territory boasts the highest vine-covered area in Italy as it is considered the most suitable area of the island for grape growing. Here in fact the intense light, the dry climate, the fresh soils, the winds coming from the south and the strong atmospheric temperature range, create the ideal conditions for the production of quality wines.

It was the Phoenicians who, between the eighth and seventh century BC, introduced vine cultivation in these territories. We are therefore in the cradle of the native Sicilian vines: grillo, inzolia, catarratto, grecanico, zibibbo, malvasia, nero d’avola, nerello mascalese and frappato, these vines have always been used here for the production of great wines.


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