North & South Mixed Case


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North & South Mixed Case:

Barolo Cerretta DOCG 2016: Barolo Cerretta has a beautiful balance of power and finesse.  A standout vintage, 2016 Barolo is among the greatest vintages of recent decades, potentially the finest vintage ever in Piedmont’s “Golden Age”.  Red and dark fruit, leather, tobacco and a streak of minerality, mouth puckering tannins but not overpowering the concentration of flavours. A very serious Barolo, showing all its aging potential. 

Barolo Fratelli Revello 2017: A Barolo that shows admirably well the winery’s approach to vinification: producing a wine which is perfect for long bottle-ageing, but which can also be appreciated and understood when still young. Translucent red brick colour, intense aromas, cherry, raspberry, oak and earthy and herbal notes. Generous acidity, full body with big fine tannins on long finish, elegant and polished style.

Damaschito Aglianico del Vulture Superiore DOCG: Damaschito is an excellent, age-worthy, substantial Aglianico del Vulture from the Grifalco winery, made from grapes grown in an older single vineyard from the Maschito area of Vulture. Light dried vegetal notes and a hint of tobacco and licorice on the nose, predominantly ripe cherry, tart nutty notes. Firm, tart, juicy, ripe fruit on the palate, very fine, fairly prominent tannins, good substance and persistence.  Enjoy now or age 10-15 years.

Gricos Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2017: Gricos is the winery’s “everyday” choice of aglianico, made from younger vines about 15 years old. This AWARD winning ruby red wine has rich crisp red fruit, mineral and floral aromas, with pepper and an undergrowth background. The wine is purposefully made to be more forward than a more traditional aglianico and it is drinkable young.  Nevertheless, its aging potential is 5/10 years.

Passito di Pantelleria DOC: Passito di Pantelleria: golden yellow, close to amber wine, the aroma is sweet with notes of apricots, candied fruit and dried figs. On the palate it is honey flavoured with pleasing notes of dried apricot, dried figs and stewed pears. Excellent with mature cheeses and rich desserts!

Motivo Rosé Extra Dry Borgo Molino: An exquisitely elegant sparkling rose wine with a brilliant pale pink and a fine persistent perlage. Delicately fragrant with a bouquet of strawberries, raspberry and rose, fruity, clean and refreshing. Highly agreeable fizz to enjoy as an aperitif and between meals. Best Served at 6-8 C





North and South is a mixed case offering one of Italy's most renowned grape, Nebbiolo as 2 stunning Barolo, together with 2 styles of Aglianico del Vulture, a powerful grape from Basilicata, which is sometimes called the Barolo of the South.  Four bottles of reds that can be enjoyed now or kept for a special occasion, as well as a Motivo Rosé Extra Dry a delicious sparkling wine and a passito from Sicily to pair with a seasonal dessert.

The "North & South" mixed case is on offer with a generous 12% discount off single bottles prices 🙂

North & South Producers

Fratelli Revello

“The philosophy behind the production of our wines starts with the assumption that a great wine is made in the vineyard.

This is why we personally devote meticulous care and attention to our vineyards, with constant respect for nature, as a sign of gratitude for the gifts it gives us.

For years now, we have been practising sustainable viticulture, carrying out just a few targeted treatments, mainly using sulphur and copper-based products and abandoning the use of pesticides and herbicides.

To produce high quality grapes and consequently high quality wine, we carry out two separate green harvests in summer, leaving about 50-60% of the bunches on the vine. This allows us to have a higher concentration of sugars and polyphenols inside the berries.

We take a “modern” approach to vinification, with maceration in temperature-controlled roto-fermenters at a constant temperature of approximately 28-30°C, using only native yeasts.
Alcoholic fermentation is completed in stainless steel vertical tanks, after removing skins and seed.

Malolactic fermentation, for wines that are going to age, takes place in wood.

We use mainly French oak barriques to age our wines, with a percentage of new wood that has gradually been reduced over the years.

We have chosen not to fine or filter our wines, so that every individual nuance is left intact.

Our approach to vinification aims to produce Barolo which is perfect for long bottle-ageing, but which can also be appreciate and understood when still young.”

Fratelli Revello

Az Agricola Grifalco

The Grifalco company was founded in 2004 by the desire of Fabrizio and Cecilia Piccin to start a new path after having produced Nobile di Montepulciano for 20 years, focusing on what is considered the most important grape variety in southern Italy; the project is currently carried out by their sons Lorenzo and Andrea.
The company has a surface of 16 hectares with age of the vineyards ranging from 10 years up to 80 years, divided into several municipalities of the Vulture, this because being able to work with different land allows you to have greater complexity in the wines that are produced.
To date, the vineyards are located in the municipalities of Maschito, Forenza, Ginestra and Venosa, where the cellar also resides.
Andrea and LorenzoLorenzo, 30, studied Viticulture and Oenology in Alba and takes care of all the company’s production, from the management of the certified organic vines to everything that follows, once the grapes are brought to the cellar to turn them into wine.
Andrea, 26, takes care of the commercial, the image of the company, the relationship with the press and the support abroad of our importers.
To date, about 70 thousand bottles of only Aglianico del Vulture are produced, a precise choice that allows you to focus on just one vine and work on its nuances.

Currently, 4 labels of red and a rosé are produced.

Gricos is a basic Aglianico and is normally produced using the grapes of the youngest vines coming from Venosa, Maschito and Forenza

Grifalco is an Aglianico normally produced from vines aged 40 years old from Maschio and Forenza.

Damaschito comes from a single parcel of 2 hectares and 80 years of age located in Contrada San Martino between Maschito and Forenza, is a company cru. The soil is mainly sandy with a strong presence of minerals such as iron and manganese which characterize the color of the strongly reddish soil interspersed with layers of volcanic ash.

Daginestra comes from a single parcel of 1.4 hectares and 80 years of age located in the municipality of Ginestra, is a company cru. The soil is mainly sandy with a strong presence of volcanic ash mixed with lower percentages of limestone and clays that give the ground a gray color.

All the vineyards are harvested and fermented separately, each parcel remains separate during the first year of aging, after this period the assembly takes place which will characterize the differences between the Gricos and the Grifalco.
As for the Damaschito and Daginestra, being two crus processed in the cellar in the same way, they express their differences thanks to the terroir they come from.



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North & South is a mixed case offering 2 stunning Barolo, together with 2 styles of Aglianico del Vulture, a Motivo Rosé Extra Dry and a passito from Sicily