Montianvecchio Morellino di Scansano Riserva 2013


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Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Full-Bodied, Pepper






Italy, Tuscany









Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

Montianvecchio, deep and full body. Black cherries, cherry jam, hints of spice, cinnamon and pepper, leather and tobacco hints, oak on the finish and on the nose.

Serve at 18-20 C and open the bottle an hour or two before drinking



Montianvecchio, a very elegant red wine that is only made in those years that are considered suitable to aging.  The vines are grown on sandy clay soils at 200-350 meters above sea level.

After spending 6 months in steel tanks the wine is transferred into 500 lt French oak barrels for a further 24 months.

It is then aged in bottle for at least 6 months.


Montecivoli began in the early twentieth century as sharecropping farm in the Vivarelli Colonna Estate.  At the beginning of the nineteenth century the family played a key role in land transformation in the area surrounding Magliano in Toscana, by then mostly wooded.  Each of the new farm units included, among other facilities, a large farmhouse, still recognisable for its shape and the typical pink colour obtained by mixing iron oxide to the mortar of the external plaster.

In 1992, two friends, Decio Oberholtzer and Francesco Prosperetti, took over the farm and launched renovation and environmental improvement activities.  They provided reforestation for 15 hectacres and development of the remaining fields.  The old olive grove was recovered and new vineyards were planted.  From the very beginning the production choice is firmly oriented towards organic farming, as the only way to ensure preservation for the unspoilt environment of the Maremma.

The planting of the vineyards begins at the end of the nineties; in five years 7 hectares of vines are planted to produce DOCG Morellino di Scansano grapes.  At that time all new vineyards followed a similar trend: high plant density, irrigation and choice of “international” varieties.

Montecivoli preferred another way.  Their vineyards comply with traditional planting distances, with a maximum of 3500 plants per hectare, and are not provided with irrigation.  They started grafting vines with cuttings from old vineyards in the area.  Today, beside Sangiovese we have a small amount of Alicante, which characterises the blend of our wine.

Our production style entails allowing the vines to express their full potential, and directing the production only through agricultural techniques and selective thinning.  The absence of irrigation enables us to have a wine that expresses the flavours of the vintage, different every year depending on weather conditions.

The wine is made from grapes.  For Montecivoli every year begins in January, with pruning; only after month of careful work, with the only purpose of setting optimal conditions for the vines, we will obtain the product needed for wine making.  The Morellino Montecivoli is born out of a selection of the best grapes, with minimal interventions.

A wine that clearly expresses the natural, typical flavours of Sangiovese, accompanied by Alicante, which enhances its colour and taste.

A wine that highlights the scents of the sun, the hearth, the wind and the sea, enhanced by a careful non-invasive vinification process.


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Montianvecchio, a very elegant red wine that is only made in those years that are considered suitable to aging.  The vines are grown on sandy clay soils at 200-350 meters above sea level.