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Gori Agricola


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Organic, Vegan

Merlot Toni Vasut displays a bright red colour with violet tones and fresh fruity notes of cherry and raspberry, good structure and earthy flavours, it accompanies all cured meats and cheeses, enhancing their elegant tannins.

Merlot, despite being of French origin, it is the most produced and consumed red wine in Friuli. It is well known the definition of “Taglio” that distinguishes it and makes it the historic wine of Friuli. In the pre-Alpine hills the grapes exploit the good exposure creating a wine that in its freshness also has excellent qualities to refine over the years.

The Merlot Toni Vasut is aged partly in 500-liter tonneau and partly in 25-Hl French oak barrels.  It is dedicated to Piero Gori's brother, who goes by the nickname Toni Vasût.  Nicknames are very popular throughout Italy's small towns!

Gori Agricola

Gori Winery is situated in Nimis, known as Castrum Nemas since the 6th Century, in the northernmost point of the “Colli Orientali” of Friuli. The estate’s vineyards cover 12 hectares on the rolling hills.

Piero Gori, founder of the winery, in 2009 began the realization of one of his dreams. The love and the passion for his homeland inspired the will of combining innovation with tradition. The meticulous attention towards quality and the respect and valorization of the surrounding environment create a modern, family run, winery.

The Gori family

The vineyards were planted in 2009 and 2010 with a specific objective: to enhance in the best way the peculiarities of the individual vineyards in the area.

The mountains defend the area from the cold northern winds and the proximity of the plain favors the nocturnal temperature variations, essential for the development of grape aromas.

The care and attention during the phases of production ensure that the grapes produced enhance their characteristics to the maximum.

The entire winecellar is the most modern and innovative one could conceive; built on three levels, it exploits the gravitational force and avoids unnecessary stress on grapes and wines.

After the harvest, the grapes arrive at LEVEL ONE where the de-stemming phase takes place, a technique used to separate the grapes from the stalk.

The grapes, at this point de-stemmed, are lowered to the lower level using the force of gravity in order to avoid unnecessary stress that could compromise quality.

The very important phase of temperature-controlled vinification takes place at LEVEL ZERO.

On this level there is also the bottling plant.

At the underground level there is the aging cellar, dug inside the hill which exploits the natural level of humidity that allows the wine to complete its maturation.

Still using the natural force of gravity, the wine is transferred inside the French oak barrels. The 500 liter tonneau and the 15 to 40 hectoliters barrels help the wine in its maturation to bring it to express the best quality.

organic sign

In 2016 the GORI winery began to adopt a business management system capable of adapting to local conditions, bringing positive effects from an environmental point of view and capable of protecting consumers. This system, called Organic Agriculture, is based in particular on the reduction of the intake of synthetic chemicals in the vineyard (fertilizers, herbicides, anicryptogams, insecticides and pesticides in general), eliminating the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and favoring at the same mechanical or manual processing.
After the defined period of “conversion”, the company, starting from the 2019 harvest, began producing Organic Wines following a certification process carried out by an external body (ICEA).


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A cool climate organic Merlot, bright red with violet tones and fresh fruity notes of cherry and raspberry, with good structure and earthy flavours, elegant tannins.