Le Gonnare Toscana Vermentino


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Dry, Elegant Finish, Full bodied, Smooth


100% Vermentino


Fabio Motta


Italy, Tuscany









Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

Macerated for 6 days on the skins, you would be confused into thinking it’s an orange wine.  Medium + body, good acidity and structure.  Quince jelly, lychee, orange peel, lime, rose, apricot yellow pear.  This pairs wonderfully with smoked meats, prosciutto.

PRODUCER'S NOTES: "My research in the "white" world led me to the definition of this unconventional wine. I have always found that the most interesting aspect of Vermentino lies in the skin. It is a delicious grape to eat, rich in aromatic notes. So I wanted to vinify Vermentino from “Le Gonnare” vineyard , a small area planted in 1987, leaving the skins to macerate with the must during alcoholic fermentation. A 6-day contact that transferred these aromatic suggestions and a golden color to the wine, without weighing it down. A mouth full and tense at the same time".

VINIFICATION: "The harvest is manual in small crates. The de-stemmed grapes are pressed and fermented in a steel vat at a controlled temperature for 5-7 days, until the alcoholic fermentation is complete. Then the wine is drawn off and cooled. It does not carry out malolactic fermentation. It clarifies only with thermal methods. Rest 3-4 months in a ceramic container. It is filtered at the time of bottling".

Fabio Motta

We met Fabio Motta a few years ago on one of the regular Vinitaly trips, he had just started making wines and we were intrigued.  His first Pievi was a hit with us and our customers.  This year was high time to import his wines again.

From the producer’s website:

Driven by a great passion for wine and for the work of the artisan “vignaiolo” and with a degree in agriculture and five years of experience working at Michele Satta’s winery, I embarked on my own journey into the world of winemaking. My first vineyard, Le Pievi, is nearly twenty years old and is perfectly situated in the foothills of Castagneto Carducci.

The vines stretch over about 4 hectares of land with excellent soil. Shortly after beginning I purchased another two-hectare vineyard that produces top-quality white grapes, (mostly Vermentino) in the “Le Fornacelle” area.

In 2012, I also purchased the vineyard Le Gonnare, whose name means “washerwomen“ (because it is located at the foot of an ancient waterway where women used to wash clothes). Le Gonnare, a north-oriented vineyard, is composed of torrential deposits, full of ancient fossils and deep and rich in clay. It is a cool spot, which allows for a very late ripening of the grapes.

In total I work with about 7 hectares- this small scale allows me to handle every little step of the cultivation and winemaking myself.

Winegrowing is a humble job.

It has always intrigued me that the word “humble” comes from “humus“ or earth, meaning something close to the land. I believe that in order to succeed the winemaker must be humble, and close to the earth. Be the observer- do not force your vision into reality. I must let the terroir, and the qualities of the land I am cultivating, express itself, so that all the work in the vineyard and in the cellar can be transferred into the glass.

My land is Bolgheri. This strip of soil facing the sea has enormous viticultural potential. The summer’s evening breezes protect the grapes from any moisture as the harvest is approaches. Autumns are long and warm.

The vines have the opportunity to absorb every last drop of sunlight until the last moment or each sunset. We obtain perfectly ripened grapes which reflect the harmony of our terroir, all of which is felt in the wines, which are full-bodied, but elegant and deep.

Fortunately, there are many good winemakers here, both large and small, exploring this treasure of a region with dedication and commitment. I believe the best of Bolgheri has yet to come…


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1 review for Le Gonnare Toscana Vermentino

  1. Steve Trotman (verified owner)

    Very complex white wine. This is not a wine you can glug, This is one to savour and talk about.

    • BIANCA

      Thank you Steve, we totally agree! Regards, Juliusz and Bianca

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