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Bodegas Tempore


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Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

It has a clean and fruity aroma, typical of the Tempranillo grape, (strawberries and blackberries), with a red purple – maroon colour.
In the mouth it presents itself extraordinarily gentle. Full bodied and with an excellent balance between the tannic and acidic sensations. The aftertaste is fresh, pleasant and long lasting in the mouth.

Night harvest to maintain the right temperature of the grapes. Cold pre-fermentation. Stainless steel fermentation with controled temperature under 26ºC. Daily pump-overs to give freshness and structure to the wine

Producer's notes for the Independent Organic Tempranillo: "Close your eyes and imagine a world full of flavours, with no rules, and where every day is like a weekend with your friends, or like an endless summer afternoon.

An explosion of a beautiful red color that attracts you and makes you feel alive.

Awake your senses and let them flow… this wine is a tornado of emotions. Vibrant and dreamy… as you have always been!"

What is Independent? Independent by Bodegas Tempore is a brand designed for "the brave ones that want to make things happen, for those that have dreams and no matter how impossible they seem they will go for it! Independent is for free souls, for dreamers, for life lovers who live everyday as if it was the last one. For whom the logical is to be eco-logical!" 

Bodegas Tempore

Four generations of vine-growers with a common connection: Respect for the land, passion for the wine

Juliusz met up with the team of Bodegas Tempore during one of his first visits to Fenavin, the national Spanish wine fair held at Ciudad Real.  It was at the time when we were actively looking for organically grown products and we were impressed with the presentation and quality of their wines.

The estate is owned by the Yago Aznar Family and generation after generation they have worked on the land, on the vineyards and know the extreme climate of this region of Lécera, the scarce precipitations, the winter winds and how tough it is to work the land, they also know that a good quality wine is based on an impeccable and excellent quality raw material.

The impressive  winery is a building constructed with the most traditional elements of the area such as Aragon bricks and alabaster; they contain modern installations for the fermentation, bottling and ageing of our wines. Diaphanous areas to facilitate the work and a large room of casks isolated from sound and light with controlled temperature.

The vineyards cover an area of 70 hectares that extend over a plain at a height of 550 metres above sea level.

A limy and sandy soil rich in minerals, scarce precipitation that does not exceed 300 litres per year and a 90% sunshine rate are the characteristics that provide Bodegas Tempore’s wines with their earthy character – warm and persistent wines, full-bodied and with suggestive aromas.

Respect for the environment is one of the pillars of our work philosophy. Our vineyards are cultivated under strict parameters of ecological agriculture, which favours the natural cycles of the plant without aggressive treatments. All our vineyards are certified as Ecological Agriculture.

Bodegas TEMPORE cultivates exclusively autochthonous varieties of this region: Garnacha, Tempranillo and Macabeo and white Garnacha grapes. The traditional garnacha vines, some of them over 70 years old, coexist with trellised vines. These are cultivated with the most modern pruning methods and harvesting machinery, always respecting their natural cycle and their growth rhythms.


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An explosion of a beautiful red color that attracts you and makes you feel alive. Awake your senses and let them flow… this wine is a tornado of emotions. Vibrant and dreamy… as you have always been!”