Il Lugana 2020 Organic DOC


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Apricot, Elderberry, jucy and light, White Flowers




Pasini San Giovanni


Italy, Lombardia









Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

Lugana: fresh aromas and sapidity, the young and tasty Lugana.  Aromas of white flowers, apricot, elderberry; it is juicy and morish!

Pair with white meats and fish

The Lugana comes from organic vineyards of the Turbiana grape, grown on the clay soil of the southern shore of Lake Garda. An elegant white wine, savoury and mineral, which impresses with its dynamic freshness and the limpid softness of the fruit. Fragrant in its youth, it gains depth over the years.

Short cold maceration, soft pressing, steel vinification

Pasini San Giovanni

From the Producer’s website:

“Past, present and future, between awareness, biological certification, adventure, courage and experimentation.

The profound evolutions that led us from Pasini Andrea to Pasini San Giovanni can be seen in our wines, polished by time and knowledge, fresh and dynamic as our courage and desire to experiment. The colors of vineyards, olive trees, bees, flowers and the many essences that draw the contours of our company are the signs of biodiversity, which we believe is the way to improve the land we care for and to promote a harmonious and healthy environment.

We believe that through agricultural sustainability we can foster environmental beauty. In Pasini San Giovanni organic viticulture practices are a good habit. Like good wine and good food.

Wine is good if it comes from a good land. And if the land delivered to us is good, it is our duty to leave it to those who will come after us, possibly better than when we got it.

Therefore viticulture and local wine, in name and in deed, provided that they represent a natural manifestation and not a spectacular forcing. In parallel with the investments in our vineyards and in our cellar, in 2009 we started producing energy on our own (thanks to the photovoltaic system on the roof of our cellar) as well as a long process of production chain analysis that in 2012 led us to the certification of our carbon footprint, that is the weight in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of the entire company production.”

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  1. Steve (verified owner)

    This white wine is pitch perfect. Light, fresh but with a polished finish. A delight to drink.

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Lugana, an elegant white, savoury and mineral, with dynamic freshness and the limpid softness of the fruit. Fragrant in youth, it gains depth over the years.