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Aromatic, Crisp, Fruity, White Pepper


Grüner Veltliner


Sonnenmulde Organic Winery


Austria – Burgenland









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Organic, Vegan

Green and agile like the tree frog! Tree frogs are regularily found in vineyards where they climb the vines to hide between their shady leafs. So while doing leafwork in the vineyards you will from time to time get jumped at by a frog…

The Grüner Veltliner Heideboden shows a bright yellow colour. Its nose is reminiscent of green apples and delicate peppery flavours with a well balanced harmonic overall appearance on the palate.

The Grüner Veltliner is without doubt the most famous Austrian grape variety. While having been cultivated for centuries, skillful winemakers nowadays prove again and again that Grüner Veltliner wines can be easily compared to the worlds very best whites.

Grüner Veltliner from Lake Neusiedl are usually very aromatic and fruity with an elegant bouquet as well as full-bodied but not opulent. Depending on the vintage, gracile fruitiness or more intense aromas dominate. The wines are however always very palatable, with a mild acidity.

Sonnenmulde Organic Winery


“The Sonnenmulde organic winery of the Schreiner family is located in Gols, one of the most famous and successful wine-growing communities in Austria. There, on the north-eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl, the estate has been owned by our family for many generations. The name Sonnenmulde originated from a vineyard situated in a hollow and the logo, the vine-crowned sun, has always been on the label of our wines.

Excellent soils and the best climatic conditions are the foundation on which we grow our wines. We focus on fruity, clear and typical wines, which especially reflect the climate and the character of the soil. We provide more information about this topic on our wine’s origins page.

All wines are developed vegan. Many years of experience combined with an uncompromising dedication to organic farming and the highest standards in vineyards and cellar alike, guarantee top quality in all wine categories. Numerous top results in national and international wine competitions every year are proof of this and encourage us to stick to our philosophy.

As long as we can trace back records of our family, our ancestors have been growing wine. In the 1920s, when even the bottling of wine was already something special, our winery already stood for sophisticated wine culture and the finest quality wines. This attitude has remained with us to this day and is still decisive for our operating philosophy.

Of course a lot has changed over the years, but still all members of the family are wholeheartedly involved. Today the siblings Andreas and Kathrin Schreiner run the business, supported by their families. The grandparent generation is still active tough. Renate and Hans continue to provide advice and assistance. Together they all share the tasks and joys of living a winemaker’s life.


Since the middle of the 2000s we have been operating our winery as an organic farm. This means intensive work with the soil, the plants and all other living beings that populate a vineyard, as opposed to a simplistic, sole focus on the vines alone. Everything revolves around the formation of a diverse ecosystem, in place of a barren monoculture. Soil revitalisation through green manure and compost provides all of the nutrients that the vines need, entirely without chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Many useful insects find their ideal habitat in an organic vineyard, keeping pests in check and attracting larger animals like birds and mammals. A vital environment leads to healthy and strong vines that grow the very best grapes, full of sweetness, aroma and perfectly natural of course.

Native animals and plants, which are at home in our organic vineyards, also represent our wines on the label. Each symbol shares a special characteristic or a little story with the wine it stands for. And and every bottle of our wines helps to get the word out that there is much more than just vines in an organic vinyard.”

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  1. Steve Trotman (verified owner)

    Fresh and zesty medium weight wine with I am told the classic Gruner white pepper finish. Very refreshing.

    • BIANCA

      Cheers Steve! 🙂

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Green and agile like the tree frog! Grüner Veltliner Heideboden shows a bright yellow colour. Its nose is reminiscent of green apples and delicate peppery flavours with a well balanced harmonic overall appearance on the palate.