Chianti Classico La Girlanda DOCG


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Complex Bouquet, Elegant, Floral scents


10% Other, Sangiovese


Bindi Sergardi


Italy, Tuscany









Intense ruby red with ample and complex bouquet, notes of spice, flowers and of fresh fruit. A soft, elegant and well-structured Chianti Classico, La Ghirlanda shows the freshness typical both of its zone of production and of its grape varietal. Maintains its characteristic properties and improves with ageing.

Serving suggestions : Traditional accompaniments are red meat (both roasts and salted), game, and mature cheeses. Modern cuisine pairs this wine successfully with typical Mediterranean first courses.
Serving temperature : 18C – open 1 hour ahead of time.

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This wine benefits from Tuscany's centuries-old tradition in selecting Sangiovese grapes. It is the wine which best represents the estate and its bond with the Chianti Classico territory.

La Ghirlanda (garland in English) has always been the toponym of the woods right below Fattoria di Mocenni. We believe the name derives from the round shape of the land these woods grow on, but it is also the symbol of well-deserved glory. It is a beautiful name and it seems appropriate to us.

Bindi Sergardi

Bindi Sergardi’s origins can be dated back to 1349. Gentlemen, great agriculturists, captains, and bishops, for 23 generations the family has been dedicated to wine making in Siena.

Nicolò, 22nd generation of the family and grandson of Elisabetta Bindi Sergardi, has believed strongly in scientific research of new vine clones and in the identification of vocated soils to enlarge and improve the historic patrimony of the family.

Today, Nicolò’s daughter Alessandra runs the estates of the family. Thanks to her tenacity and courage choices the winery experiences new cellar concepts at the service of quality with a production that is entwined with the authenticity and integrity of its territory.

Bindi Sergardi’s lands spread over 1000 hectares in the province of Siena.
The 100 hectares of vineyards are planted in the important DOCG of
Chianti Classico, Chianti Colli Senesi and Chianti.

Chianti Classico appellation lies in a beautiful hilly area between Siena and Florence. It is the oldest wine territory of the world: Cosimo III de’ Medici, Granduke of Tuscany, legally defined the boundaries of this area in 1716. A black rooster, its symbol, is present on all bottles of Chianti Classico. The Bindi Sergardi estates lie in the south part of the appellation, in the Comune of Castelnuovo Berardenga; given its history enwined with Siena and the proximity to the city, the wine produced in this municipality is considered to be the “most” Sienese Chianti Classico. The Sangiovese grape, thanks to the characteristics of the climate, terrains and altitude, reaches here its highest and unique expression.


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