Bosco Eliceo Sauvignon


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Clean, Delicate bouquet, Dry, Morish, Varietal Aromas


Sauvignon Blanc




Italy, Emilia Romagna









Wine Production


Light yellow colour with a greenish hue. Characteristic bouquet, typical, refined and delicate.

Dry, harmonic, elegant, with a velvety aftertaste.

Characteristic wines from sandy soils, obtained in the area that stretches from the seashores of the Provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna to the farms on the salt pans of Cervia, where low-yielding vineyards give to the wines particular and very pleasant aromas and flavours.

Grapes are destemmed before being transferred to press. Soft press and drain to tank for cold static settling. Transfer of clean juice to temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tank for fermentation using selected yeast culture. Fermentation at controlled Temperature 15°C. Ageing in stainless steel tank with battonage for 4 months.


The cooperative, Cevico was founded in 1963  in order to produce high-quality wines.   The 5000 member families play an active part in production, from harvesting the grapes to vinification in our bottling facilities at Lugo di Romagna, Forlì and Reggio Emilia, and they are also involved in the strategic decisions regarding the promotion of our brand. That’s because they all own Terre Cevico, and their goal is to continue growing, together with their wines.

The 5000 families of vine-growers, cultivate 7000 hectares of vineyards, and  have 20 wineries.

They grow indigenous varieties, in an area where vines have made their home for over two thousand years: a wide basin, which stretches from Rimini to Casola Valsenio, passing through the territories of Cesena, Forlì and Faenza, as far as the sandy soils of the Park of the Po Delta in the north-east, and including the fertile Ravenna plain in the centre.

“This area yields distinctive wines, which are an integral part of us and reflect our character. Wines that are our ambassadors all over the world.”


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