Barolo Cerretta DOCG 2016


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elegant tannins, Mineral, Perfectly Balanced, Powerful




Fratelli Revello


Italy, Piedmont









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Barolo Cerretta has a beautiful balance of power and finesse.

Red and dark fruit, leather, tobacco and a streak of minerality, mouth puckering tannins but not overpowering the concentration of flavours. A very serious Barolo, showing all its aging potential.

Barolo Cerretta:
A standout vintage, 2016 Barolo is among the greatest vintages of recent decades, potentially the finest vintage ever in Piedmont's "Golden Age".

VINEYARD: Nebbiolo, planted in 2000-2010


SOIL: clay marl-calcareous

YIELD PER HECTARE: 5.5/6.0 tonnes of grapes

HARVEST TIME: early-mid October

VINIFICATION: in horizontal roto-fermenters for about 6-8 days, with skins, followed by completion of alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks for about 10/15 days. and malolactic fermentation in barriques.

AGEING: in French barriques, 40% new and 60% already used for 12 months; ageing continues for the next 12 months in Slavonian oak barrels; bottling in July the year before release for sale; sale in March of the fourth year after harvesting.

ANALYTICAL DATA: alcohol content 13.5/15.0 % Vol total acidity: 5.10/5.80 g/l

Fratelli Revello

“The philosophy behind the production of our wines starts with the assumption that a great wine is made in the vineyard.

This is why we personally devote meticulous care and attention to our vineyards, with constant respect for nature, as a sign of gratitude for the gifts it gives us.

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For years now, we have been practising sustainable viticulture, carrying out just a few targeted treatments, mainly using sulphur and copper-based products and abandoning the use of pesticides and herbicides.

To produce high quality grapes and consequently high quality wine, we carry out two separate green harvests in summer, leaving about 50-60% of the bunches on the vine. This allows us to have a higher concentration of sugars and polyphenols inside the berries.

We take a “modern” approach to vinification, with maceration in temperature-controlled roto-fermenters at a constant temperature of approximately 28-30°C, using only native yeasts.
Alcoholic fermentation is completed in stainless steel vertical tanks, after removing skins and seed.

Malolactic fermentation, for wines that are going to age, takes place in wood.

We use mainly French oak barriques to age our wines, with a percentage of new wood that has gradually been reduced over the years.

We have chosen not to fine or filter our wines, so that every individual nuance is left intact.

Our approach to vinification aims to produce Barolo which is perfect for long bottle-ageing, but which can also be appreciate and understood when still young.”


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Barolo Cerretta: Red and dark fruit, leather, tobacco and a streak of minerality, mouth puckering tannins but not overpowering the concentration of flavours