Barbera d’Alba Cesca


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Smoky aroma, Smooth Tannins, Wild Berries




Osvaldo Barberis


Italy, Piedmont









Wine Production

Organic, Vegan

A ruby red Barbera, with intense and captivating aroma of berry compote.

On the palate it is balanced and robust, warm with a delicate acidity and a good finish.

This robust wine has a distinct character, forthright and sincere. It has the intense, captivating aroma of berry compote.

To the eye it is ruby red, to the taste, balanced and robust, warm, with a delicate acidity.

Aged in French durmast barrels for 12 months, it goes perfectly with flavorful/savory first course dishes and with main course dishes of red meat.

"The entire management of our vineyard is designed to respect the vines, and we continue to give the utmost attention to every stage of wine production in our cellar.  So that the wine may attain its fullest expression, our products are never filtered prior to bottling and have a very low level of sulfites, thus offering a pleasurable and salutary tasting experience."

Osvaldo Barberis

We are a small family business located in one of the most beautiful areas of Langhe (Dogliani) suitable to vine, in particular to Dolcetto wine.

The farm covers an area of nine Hectares : seven hectares are devoted to Dolcetto, one to Nebbiolo of Alba and one to Barbera of Alba: the vines are on average about thirty years and they are placed in cavalcapoggio rows with traditional pruning; Guyot with high density of plants. These conditions support the whole biological management of the farm allowing us to produce sound and well ripe grapes without using chemical fertilizers or fungicides products . Also the farm rises Piemontese breed’s beefs completing the cycle of the typical Langhe’s farm.

The whole management of the vineyard is targeted to the respect of the plant and to the contained production that is exasperated by the thinning of bunches; this process makes the grapes more resistant from crittogame attacks and anticipates the aging. This process gives us the opportunity to harvest grapes rich of extracts.

In the winery a lot of attention is paid to the management of the various steps of the production and to the cleanliness of the room; these are essential conditions in order to produce wines that can best represent the territory of origin without defects or disharmony.

In order to give to the wine its peak, the products are not filtered before bottling and they have a low levels of sulphites; in this way they are able to express a pleasant and healthy drink.

In the winery the production of wine is followed by the Oenologist Piero Ballario.

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  1. Steve Trotman (verified owner)

    I agree with the tasting notes. But I must say it is also a very smooth and integrated wine. To my taste not so much robust as refined.

    • BIANCA

      Thank you Steve, really appreciate your comment: smooth integrated and refined sound excellent 🙂

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