Grifalco Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2005


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Elegant, Full-Bodied, Long Finish


Aglianico del Vulture


Az. Agricola Grifalco


Italy, Basilicata









Brilliant ruby red hues, generous and elegant on the nose with stylish floral hints and red berry fruit.

Gutsy and determined with a deep, well-defined finish.

A vintage that drinks beautifully, showing the ageing potential of the aglianico grape.

Food Match: Aglianico del Vulture compliments roasted and grilled meats.

Nick's notes: "Aglianico is the grape, and it is on the volcanic soils of the extinct volcano Monte Vulture that the vineyards are located. The potential from this region has always been known, but too often the grapes and the ageing have been let to go their own way, thick, over powering beasts glowering at you over the rim of the glass. They were impressive, and if you were honest sometimes they were just a bit too fearsome. So a little levity with the old juice, a steady restraining hand in the fermentation tank, a little on the oak, and we have a modern vibrant wine than retains the typicality of the grape and region but is perhaps a little less of a mountain crazy."

"This is kind of where it all began for us. Grifalco is made by the Piccin family (Bianca's sister and late brother in law), and it was tasting their wines which weren't being imported into the UK that got Juliusz and Bianca thinking about importing wine to the UK all those years ago. So they did, but from the Piccin's original wine, a Tuscan beauty, the family have now moved far south to the remote region of Basilicata and the DOC of Monte Vulture. Better value land, more fun and independence and some oddly Byzantine politics, Italy of course, lead them to the change but their terrific wine making remains with them".

Az. Agricola Grifalco

The Grifalco company was founded in 2004 by the desire of Fabrizio and Cecilia Piccin to start a new path after having produced Nobile di Montepulciano for 20 years, focusing on what is considered the most important grape variety in southern Italy; the project is currently carried out by their sons Lorenzo and Andrea.
The company has a surface of 16 hectares with age of the vineyards ranging from 10 years up to 80 years, divided into several municipalities of the Vulture, this because being able to work with different land allows you to have greater complexity in the wines that are produced.
To date, the vineyards are located in the municipalities of Maschito, Forenza, Ginestra and Venosa, where the cellar also resides.
Andrea and LorenzoLorenzo, 30, studied Viticulture and Oenology in Alba and takes care of all the company’s production, from the management of the certified organic vines to everything that follows, once the grapes are brought to the cellar to turn them into wine.
Andrea, 26, takes care of the commercial, the image of the company, the relationship with the press and the support abroad of our importers.
To date, about 70 thousand bottles of only Aglianico del Vulture are produced, a precise choice that allows you to focus on just one vine and work on its nuances.

Currently, 4 labels of red and a rosé are produced.

Gricos is a basic Aglianico and is normally produced using the grapes of the youngest vines coming from Venosa, Maschito and Forenza

Grifalco is an Aglianico normally produced from vines aged 40 years old from Maschio and Forenza.

Damaschito comes from a single parcel of 2 hectares and 80 years of age located in Contrada San Martino between Maschito and Forenza, is a company cru. The soil is mainly sandy with a strong presence of minerals such as iron and manganese which characterize the color of the strongly reddish soil interspersed with layers of volcanic ash.

Daginestra comes from a single parcel of 1.4 hectares and 80 years of age located in the municipality of Ginestra, is a company cru. The soil is mainly sandy with a strong presence of volcanic ash mixed with lower percentages of limestone and clays that give the ground a gray color.

All the vineyards are harvested and fermented separately, each parcel remains separate during the first year of aging, after this period the assembly takes place which will characterize the differences between the Gricos and the Grifalco.
As for the Damaschito and Daginestra, being two crus processed in the cellar in the same way, they express their differences thanks to the terroir they come from.

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