Pinot Nero and All That Jazz

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Pinot Nero

When a producer tells you they have decided to declassify a particular vintage of Pinot Nero, you know they mean business!

If winemakers are unhappy with their wine, or grapes – and if they have integrity – they will “declassify” it.  This means that they will not use it as planned, and will possibly sell either the grapes or wine on the bulk wine market, at a reduced price.  Surely a costly decision, although one that will protect and, ultimately enhance the reputation of the winemakers. 

It’s what happened to the 2017 vintage of Pinot Nero Nemas I° by Gori Winery.  The first Pinot Nero we bought from this modern, organic, family run winery at the foot of the Dolomites, was their 2016 vintage.  It was the one available in the spring / summer of (lockdown) 2020, and we fell in love with its elegance, attractive aromas and light, as well as complex, seductive character. 

In a recent conversation with the producer, while planning our next order and shipment, we were told of the declassification of the 2017 Pinot Nero and that the next vintage available would be the 2018, which they believe will be even better than the 2016!  

As a matter of fact, Gori Winery is one of 8 producers belonging to an association born in 2015 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the aim of promoting and enhancing the Pinot Noir, one of the most important wines in the world, which has found a new and fascinating expression in this Northern Italian region.

“Pinot Noir / Pinot Nero is a wine which one falls in love with at first sight; its complex character, however, is not so easy to manage! Pinot Noir requires a lot of attention especially during the extraction phase of colour and aromas. We are convinced that this wine, so different depending on the area of ​​birth, can demonstrate the extraordinary production capacity of our land.”

At White Fox Wines, we believe these winemakers are undoubtedly onto something special!

Pale red color with garnet notes, very elegant on the nose with notes of small berries  and violet along with complimentary nutmeg and delicate tertiary aromas of mushroom, underbrush and soil. Elegant and complex, the fine tannins make it austere and find a wide range of accompaniments, from cheese to fish and white meat that are not particularly elaborate. Cin Cin! 

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