Enchanted by Lake Garda

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Lake Garda and surroundingss

Enchanted by Lake Garda 

Pasini San Giovanni celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2018.  You can find their stunning organic winery in the hills that face Lake Garda, in the heart of Valtènesi, a land cultivated since prehistoric times.  

This northernmost territory of Italy by the huge lake, is where vines and olives get mixed up with cedars, capers, palms and lemons, a sort of Mediterranean “enclave” in the middle of the alpine reliefs: this balance and this integrity are reflected in this family’s wines.  The Valtènesi, a red wine made from Groppello, the most important native grape, cultivated since 1500’s, and the Lugana, a white wine made with the local white grape Turbiana hosted on its clay soil since the first centuries AD.  They also make a stunning and award-winning Rosé, which had sold out (!!) and is on our “must bring over next” list!

The first shipment of these wines arrived at White Fox Wines in late spring this year: due to Covid, 3 years after my first tasting them and my first meeting with Sara and Paolo, cousins and both third generation in the family winery.  On their website they are introduced as: “Sara, Duchess of Chiaretto. A perfect balance of feminine sweetness and edges, just like her favourite wine, Valtènesi Il Chiaretto.” And “Paolo, the frontman, you might say, of Pasini San Giovanni. He’s always there, even when he’s not there. Or he’s never there, not even when he’s there”.  Perfectly said in my view, both for their charm and sense of humour! 

Pasini San Giovanni

It was a bit like “love at first sight” both with the people and their wines for me, and exciting to be able to start a proper relationship, so to speak..

Something else made Pasini San Giovanni shine even more brightly to my eyes though, apart from being molto simpatici and making such beautiful wine, and it’s their deep commitment to environmental respect and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Listed below are the some of the measures implemented by the winery since 2011.   

  • total grassing between the rows and chopping of the shoots in the fields
  • use of exclusively organic fertilizers
  • full capacity energy production from the photovoltaic plant on the roof of the winery
  • use of recycled cardboard without added colours
  • choosing not to add redundant wrapping, in order not to waste energy and raw materials when not needed
  • choosing suppliers as close as possible to the winery both in terms of philosophy as well as mileage

On our website you can also find their Centopercento, the first original Garda ‟blanc de noirs”, and should you find yourself in that magical part of the world, do go and visit their winery, you too will be enchanted! 


Pasini Wines




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