Broad-bean (Fava) Purée

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Food and Wine, Recipes, White Fox News | 0 comments


This lovely green Broad-bean Fava Purée topping featured among the nibbles in our recent wine-tasting events and it went down a treat on both occasions.

The recipe of broad-bean fava purée topping is from a well-loved Italian cookery book by Ursula Ferrigno.  It is very easy to prepare, but a little time consuming,  because you are having to squeeze the broad beans out of their skins to ensure the Purée is nice and smooth.

Great if you have a podcast to listen to!

  1. Firstly cook 500g of fresh or frozen fava beans in simmering water, with 2 garlic cloves, for about 5 minutes.  When soft, drain them, keeping a little of the tasty cooking water for later, and let the cooked beans cool down.
  2. Soak about 50g of crust-less white bread with a little milk in a small bowl.  Switch your podcast on and start peeling the beans out of their white skin.  This will take a while but it will be worth it, for the purée will be really lovely and creamy.
  3. Place the shining green beans with the garlic cloves and the bread with the milk into a food processor, or use hand blender
  4. Gradually adding 5 or 6 tablespoons of a good olive oil to the mix, whiz to a purée. If the consistency is too thick add some of the reserved cooking liquid.  Season to your taste, with salt, black pepper and perhaps a little paprika.

I think that the flavours of fava beans and pecorino cheese, with a good slice of bread and a sprinkle of olive oil are one of the most satisfying combinations EVER. Then again, anyone from Rome would say so.  Try pairing this with a medium bodied red, fresh and lightly fruity like this Chianti Chigi … Buon appetito!